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Personal Racing Display - Hudy
kr. 361,00

The HUDY Personal Racing Display is a compact all-in-one data center for professional RC car drivers, allowing you to record pertinent data for your set-up sheets. The display features large character and symbols for quick and easy readings. Aside from all of the data information, the built-in adjustable alarm clock can be used to notify you of your next heat or run. Powered by AAA 1.5V battery (not included). A "must have" device for serious racers.

- Indicators for time, temperature, humidity, date, alarm
- Environment comfort display: comfort, wet, dry
- Temperature range: 0-50 grader C
- Humidity range: 30-90%
- Temperature shown in C or F
- Max & Min temperature and humidity memory
- Time indicator in 12hr or 24hr clock
- Extra features: date, alarm clock.